Reliabotics has extensive experience in the full integration of industrial robotics, control systems and related software designed to automate manual or semi-automated processes in the aerospace manufacturing environment.  Reliabotics provides custom or turnkey robotic automation solutions for the most critical manufacturing applications, as it relates to FAA compliance and/or Military specifications, to increase quality, reduce labor and accelerate development, production and maintenance of airframe, powerplant and avionics.

Turbine Blades
Wing Structures
  • Assembly and Test of aircraft/drone components, structures and assemblies
  • Surface deburring, cleaning, prepping, finishing for composites, plastics and metal components or complete structures 
  • Laser processing related to cleaning, ablating, cutting, drilling and marking 
  • Accurate fluid dispensing of various 1 or 2-part adhesives, epoxies, Urethanes, cleaners, lubricants RTV and Form-In-Place gasketing materials
  • Pick, Place, Package and Palletize components, devices and assemblies 
  • Vision inspection, NDT and CMM metrology for QA of parts & structures
  • Machine Tending automation for CNC’s and injection molding machines
  • Mobile Robots for production floor/order fulfillment material handling

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