Collaborative Robotic Systems

Reliabotics is in partnership with leading manufacturers of collaborative robots to offer our customers the best-in-class CoBot systems suitable for specific industrial and retail applications.  We pride ourselves in providing choices to our clients based on their needed functions & features, specific use-case, budget, timeline, purchasing model and service plan.  

These robots are designed and built with safety, high precision performance and flexibility with quick payback.

Kuka CoBot With Teach Pendant & Controller
UR CoBot & Teach Pendant
Rainbow Robotics CoBot & Teach Pendant
Rainbow Robotics Intuitive Programming & Controls
Rainbow Robotics RB3kg-730mm
Rainbow Robotics NSF Sanitary RB5-850N
Rainbow Robotics RB5kg-850mm
Rainbow Robotics RB10kg-1300mm
Rainbow Robotics RB16kg-900mm

Typical applications for CoBots are:

  • Assembly & Test
  • Fluid Dispensing
  • Vision Inspection
  • Sortation & Picking
  • 3D Bin Picking
  • Palletizing & Labeling
  • Laser Welding & Marking
  • Machine Tending
  • Surface Treatment
  • Food & Dairy

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