Mobile Industrial Robots

Along with Collaborative Robots (CoBots), Mobile industrial robotics is the fastest growing segment of the robotic automation market due to their ease-of-programming and use, safety around human operators, rugged construction, wide range of payloads, combined with quick payback.  Mobile robots are primarily used in the warehouse & logistics environments where 24/7 seamless operation and efficiency of inventory processing and management is critical to the success of the operators.  

AMR’s used AI-powered software to learn, adapt and program themselves to detect, avoid and re-route around obstacles and adverse conditions.  

Reliabotics has partnered with the leading mobile robotics companies to offer its clients the best-in-class technology based on safety, ease of deployment and operation with a quick payback, typically within 9-18 months. 

Mobile Intelligent AMRs, Carriers & Forklifts
Kuka KMR Mobile Robotics
Mobile CoBot Tray Loader
Counterbalanced Forklift Robot
Pallet Stacker AGV
Staubli Mobile CoBot
Staubli PF100 Omni
Staubli - Conveyor

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