Reliabotics has extensive experience in the full integration of industrial robotics, control systems and related software designed to automate manual or semi-automated processes in the transportation industry, especially for subways, marine ports and aviation transit hubs.  Reliabotics provides custom or turnkey solutions for the most critical transportation applications to automate labor intensive tasks, reduce exposure to toxic and dangerous environments and accelerate the development and installation of safety, communications and related transit equipment.

Airport Jetway Inspection & Maintenance
Marine Ports Mobile Robotics
Transit Tunnel Wall Drilling & Installations
  • Automation Robotics for subway tunnel mapping, drilling, anchor installation
  • Installation of signaling, Fiber Optics, 5G, WiFi, wireways and security systems
  • Installation of LED lighting, fixtures, power management and control panels
  • Installation of various train tunnel signage and safety devices & sensors
  • Develop/Deploy AGV/AMR mobile robotic systems for material handling
  • Automation of lock/unlock mechanism of shipping container systems
  • Automated assembly and inspection of various airport jetways & terminals 
  • Laser processing related to welding, cleaning, ablating, cutting and marking 
  • Vision inspection and NDT (non-destructive testing) of various installations

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