Over the past decades, the electronics and semiconductor industry has benefited greatly from variety of automation systems in production lines, specifically in applications such as high-speed pick-and-place, reflow, epitaxy and wafer processing, optical inspection and laser processing.  However, there are specific automation needs such as PCB handing, depanneling or intricate assembly, which cannot be met with standard automation systems. Reliabotics’ conveyorized in-line automation with integrated robots allows specialty test handlers interface with in-circuit testers, screwdriving and other custom processes such as surface finishing and dispensing.  With robotics we emphasize flexibility and fast changeovers. Our semiconductor solutions include transfer of FOUP’s as well as precision surface preparation and cleaning of micro-electronics.  

PCB Screwing
Laser Marking
Selective Soldering
  • Turnkey robotic work cells for circuit card processing, inspection and packaging
  • Assembly, test and laser marking of components, devices and PCB’s
  • Vision inspection, packaging, labeling and direct part marking
  • Laser based stress-free depanneling of printed circuit boards and wafer dicing
  • Screwdriving applications with screw feeding and process monitoring
  • Adhesive dispensing for gluing, potting, encapsulation, bonding and marking
  • Surface cleaning using recycled CO2 jets and MOPA Lasers for marking 
  • Cleanroom rated mobile robots and tools for handling FOUP, racks and trays
  • Selective soldering systems and technology (laser, iron, induction, spot wave and hydrogen oxygen flame and hot air and wire feeders)

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