Reliabotics has standard turnkey solutions for automating modern machine shops. Our expertise exceeds the typical implementation of robotics for machine tending, loading and un-loading parts in/out of CNC’s.  Reliabotics offers custom and turnkey robotic solutions to automate many labor-intensive processes that involve deburring, sanding, grinding, surface cleaning and finishing.  Reliabotics is the first in the industry to offer portable CMM solutions that drastically reduce the QA cost, lengthy and labor intensive in-process operations.

CNC Machine Tending
Robotic CMM Metrology
Robotic Machining & Processing
  • Automated deburring systems and cells from desktop to large scale systems
  • CNC machine tending using the latest industrial robots and machine vision
  • Surface deburring, cleaning, prepping, finishing for metals, composites, plastics 
  • Vision inspection, NDT and CMM metrology for QA of parts & assemblies
  • Machine Tending automation for CNC’s and injection molding machines
  • Robot directed CMM metrology measurement and parts gaging
  • End-of-arm tools, grippers and positioning expertise  
  • Laser processing related to welding, cleaning, ablating, cutting and marking 
  • Pick, Place, Package and Palletize parts and assemblies 
  • Mobile Robots for production floor/order fulfillment material handling
  • In-process parts cleaning of swarf and coolants with safe dry CO2
  • New CO2 based tool cooling

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