Medical Device

Reliabotics provides full integration of industrial robotics, control systems and related software to automate manual or semi-automated processes in medical device manufacturing, labs and processing facilities.  Reliabotics provides custom or turnkey robotic automation solutions for the most demanding medical device manufacturing applications to increase quality, reduce labor and accelerate development and production of critical components, devices and systems.

Lab Automation
Catheter Dispensing, Assembly & Packaging
Nitnol Stent Laser Processing & CO2 Cleaning
Diagnostic Systems
Micro Fluidics Dispensing & Inspection
  • Assembly, Test & Inspection of components, assemblies and systems
  • Surface deburring, cleaning, prepping, finishing and laser marking 
  • Fluid dispensing of various 1-part or 2-part adhesives, CA, UV-cure, epoxies, Urethanes, cleaners, lubricants, dyes, medicine and molecular reagents
  • Laser processing related to cleaning, ablating, drilling and marking 
  • Vision inspection, NDT and CMM metrology for QA testing & validation
  • Pick, Place, Package and Palletize components, devices and assemblies 
  • Mobile Robots for production floor/order fulfillment material handling
  • Specialty environments including cleanroom standards
  • Validation services available

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