Reliabotics Surface Technology Group (RSTG) is the exclusive factory authorized integrator for Clean Logix Corporation of Valencia CA, the leader in Recycled CO2 based cleaning and surface preparation systems.  Reliabotics manufactures two complete turnkey cleaning systems; CM1 tabletop system and the CM2 system for large parts and production line integration.  Reliabotics has developed complete Recycled CO2 cleaning systems for glass, passive and active photonic optics and components, mirrors, camera optics, and displays. Our proprietary composite CO2 spray and blast systems clean without wetting parts, eliminating the need for additional treatment and drying.

Architectural Glass
Automotive Mirror
Micro-Lens Array
Semiconductor Wafer
  • Robotic or tabletop cleaning and removal of lenses and optical surfaces, completely removing contaminants such as fingerprints, oils and dust particles 
  • Flexible turnkey robot-based production and process solutions
  • Surface treatment and cleaning of flat panel displays and micro-cameras
  • Photovoltaic panels surface preparation, cleaning and bonding
  • Specialty environments such as cleanroom
  • Surface process development available
  • Wetting analysis, FTIR and pull testing lab

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