Reliabotics provides full integration of industrial robotics, control systems and related software to automate a variety of warehouse and logistics related material handling processes.  Our engineering team specializes in the development of complete automation solutions consisting of turnkey and custom robotic work cells and production lines including AMR’s (Autonomous Mobile Robots), modular control panels, machine vision, conveyance and feeding systems as well as specialized tooling for specific use cases.  These systems are designed from the outset to increase processing throughput, reduce labor and total cost of operation in all material handling applications.

Mobile Intelligent AMRs, Carriers & Forklifts
Logistics Security & Carriers
Mobile CoBot Tray Loader
Staubli PF100 Omni
Staubli - Conveyor
Barcode, QR & RFID Processing
  • Complete turnkey Bin Picking, Palletizing/Depalletizing solutions
  • Products Inspection, Sorting, Kitting, Packaging, Labeling and Palletizing   
  • Best-In-Class AMR/AGV solutions, interacting with humans and machines 
  • Collaborative robot mounted/integrated AMR/AGV mobile robots 
  • Partnership with leading OEMs for conveyance and feeding systems
  • Partnership with leading OEMs for warehouse forklifts and shuttles
  • Partnership with leading OEMs for WMS, ERP, Fleet Management software

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