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CO2 Smart Valve

Our high-pressure cryogenic smart valve offers multiple features to simplify your process and reduce your cost. Perfect for our modular and portable CO2 cleaning system like CM-1, the smart valve allows your industrial process to keep running without interruption. Many applications in the industry require a modular or a portable approach to clean a surface using robots and smart integrated systems where cleaning is crucial and is non-stop for 24/7. In such environments, it becomes very expensive and inefficient to stop the process and change the supply tanks each time a bottle is emptied. It costs time and money, as well as increases the risk of inconsistency. That’s where our smart valve system comes in and helps you make your process consistent, reliable, and risk-free, allowing you to eliminate extra labor cost and downtime from swapping out tanks on the fly. Our smart valve allows multiple supply tanks — 2, 4, 6, or more — to be connected in series and maximize their utility. Compatible with various high-pressure gases and liquids, our smart valve automatically detects a lower supply tank and switches to a full tank without interruption. It also gives signals and warns the user that a tank is empty and ready for replacement. With our latest versions, you can connect up to six supply tanks at a time and change the empty tanks while the full tanks are operational without stopping your process, making it one of the best and smartest valve systems in the industry.
Ideal for 50-75 lb high pressure tanks
  • Used to connect 2 to 6 tanks together
  • Automatically switches from one tank to another
  • Allows to change empty tanks while operating full tanks
  • Compatible with cryogenic liquids and high pressure gases

Chiller/Condenser Heat Exchanger

We offer a line of specially-engineered chillers with built-in heat exchangers to ensure the liquid phase of CO2 supply for our modular cleaning system CM-1. Depending on geographic location and environmental issues such as outside temperature, piping, insulation, and heat build-up pressure, sometimes the liquid CO2 supply turns into vapor-liquid phase or pure gas phase, resulting in weaker (lower performance) jets no jets at all, respectively. Our systems are smart enough to recognize this phase change, and they stop the process unless the supply issue has been fixed. This costs time and money and slows down the process. With our advanced chillers, you can maintain the temperature, pressure, and phase of liquid CO2 to get the best, uninterrupted cleaning.

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