Collaborative Robotic Systems

In the past decade collaborative robots (CoBots) have successfully proliferated into many manufacturing and retail industries based on innovative designs and turnkey solutions.  Cobots’ main advantages over traditional industrial robots are the safety features and simple design allowing them to work (collaborate) with operators without the need of safety enclosures and related electronics.  CoBots can be equipped with advanced 2D/3D vision, LiDAR, Ultrasonic and IR sensors, combined with AI-powered software to insure safe interactions with operators and other machines.

Along with the ease of intuitive programming and cost-effective deployment, CoBots have become a valuable automation asset in many industrial applications.  CoBots are manufactured in a variety of configurations including desktop, mobile (AGV/AMR) and mobile CoBot for a wide range of use-cases.    

Reliabotics has been at the forefront of CoBot technology and was one of the first system integrators in the U.S. to adopt this technology to build solutions for industrial applications.   Reliabotics has partnered with some of the leading CoBot manufacturers to bring cutting-edge, cost-effective, easy to deploy and operate business solutions to its customers.  We proudly present both industrial and retail service CoBots for a wide range of applications and use-cases.

Kuka CoBot With Teach Pendant & Controller
Rainbow Robotics CoBot & Teach Pendant
UR CoBot & Teach Pendant
  • Pick-and-Place and sortation of parts and small assemblies
  • Mechanical assembly of parts using vision-guided robotics and special tools
  • Laser processing including ablation, micro-machining, marking and welding
  • Fluid dispensing including micro-fluidics, gluing, bonding, gasketing, potting
  • Pre/Post operation, 2D/3D vision inspection of parts and assemblies
  • CNC machine tending, mobile/pedestal-based loading/unloading of parts 
  • Bin Picking material handling using advanced AI-powered vision & software

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