Custom Robotic Automation

Reliabotics is an established engineering design and robotic systems integration company capable of providing end-to-end custom machine designs and innovative automation solutions. In many projects, we have successfully applied our automation expertise to address challenging needs of manufacturing, automotive, pharmaceutical, biomedical and transportation industries. Our expertise ranges from vision-guided robotics, mechatronics, 3D CAD design and simulation to machine vision, special tooling and software. Reliabotics has the expertise and creativity to address your toughest manufacturing challenges, all backed by our excellent field service and support.

Automated Pipe Cutting System
Medical Device Assembly
Robotic Assembly & Inspection Line
Robotic Assembly Line
Robotic Deburring & Finishing Work Cell
Robotic Material Handling Palletizing System
Robotic Printing & Palletizing
Robotic Surgical Tool
Robotic Welding System
Subway Tunnel Robotic Wall Installations
Vision-Guided Robotic Assembly & Inspection
Jet Engine Cowling Inspection & Finishing
  • High speed assembly and vision inspection systems
  • Flexible robot-based production lines and processing work cells
  • Custom automation software and control systems
  • High speed pick-and-place, inspection, labeling and palletizing
  • Specialty process automation involving process automation
  • Specialty tools and fixtures for robotics and production lines
  • Developing new automation designs or based on existing platforms
  • Continuous motion and indexing applications
  • Specialty environments such as cleanrooms, downdraft & extraction systems

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