Deburring Head

The Reliabotics has developed a small lightweight deburring head that works with 6 axis articulated robots, 4 axis SCARA robots and overhead gantry robots.  Our unique command able axis allows it to match compound angles within very confined spaces.

While other deburring heads on the market feature large and heavy/large housings, Reliabotics unique design is precision, compact and lightweight allowing it to be used on a variety of small intricate machined parts such as aircraft jet components, hydraulic manifolds, and complex “A” surface molds. 

Imagine being able to debur aircraft components quickly and consistently.  Couple the Reliabotics  debur head with our Stone Brush products  to debur cross holes or to polish solenoid spool bores.

Each Deburring Head features:

  • 1.5 kw brushless DC motor
  • Independent axis to match surface angles
  • Easy interface, simply supply ethernet and power connection
  • Ethernet command for speed range 200 RPM – 1200 RPM
  • Ethernet command for angle range +90° to -90°
  • Automatic tool changer 
  • Multi position tool holding racks available
  • Optional force sensing or compliance

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