Laser Processing Automation

Reliabotics, in partnership with Hylax Laser of Singapore (a JPT Laser Group), is now a leading developer and manufacturer of high-performance diode pumped and MOPA fiber lasers with diverse applications in numerous markets. With our expertise in various laser wavelengths, pulse and power range, our systems can be used in materials processing applications in industries such as aerospace/defense, automotive, medical device, electronics and optics for surface prep., micro machining, welding, ablation, etching, marking and cleaning.

Laser Surface Treatment
Laser Surface Treatment System
Laser Welding Technology
100W & 300W MOPA Laser System
Reliabotics Laser Module
Reliabotics MOPA Laser Head
  • Stent cutting, micro-machining and processing
  • Glass cleaning and marking
  • Circuit card assembly depanneling
  • Wafer processing, etching and marking
  • High accuracy laser marking and etching systems
  • Closed loop laser processing
  • Custom engineered laser solutions
  • Laser cleaning and surface preparation
  • New designs or building on existing platforms

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