Surface Cleaning CO2 System

Reliabotics Surface Technology Group (RSTG) is first in the automation industry to offer comprehensive portfolio of solutions for all surface treatment processes utilizing a wide range of standard products and proprietary technologies.  Reliabotics’ solutions address the needs of many industries, with expertise in cost-effective and eco-friendly technologies addressing precision cleaning and surface preparation of metals, glass, plastics and composites. Reliabotics provides full turnkey robotic automation solutions for various industries by integrating standard products and technologies including Recycled CO2 cleaning, Laser, and Plasma technology. 

Reliabotics’ Recycled CO2 Cleaning is a patented, precision surface cleaning method to remove dry and wet contaminants from surfaces without any contact and damage. This green Recycled CO2 technology can also be optimized as parts and tooling material lubricant and coolant, which can be combined with other technologies like Plasma and Laser to provide complete hybrid solutions for different use cases and applications.

Robotic CO2 Cleaning Technology
Plasma Surface Preparation
Laser Surface Treatment
CM-1 Desktop CO2 Cleaning Solution
CM-1 Mobile CO2 Cleaning Solution
CM-2 Inline CO2 Cleaning System
  • Precision cleaning of contaminated parts and surfaces in various industries like aerospace, automotive, optics, biomedical and electronics
  • CO2 cleaning replaces ultrasonic cleaners, alcohol wipes, and water wash, and enables robots to clean surfaces of any size with consistency, repeatability, and lower risk
  • Expertise in removing thin films, fingerprints, oils, dirt and particles from composites and metal surfaces in mold cleaning, surface preparation before bonding and painting, and pre-inspection cleaning
  • Laser processing related to cleaning, marking, and welding applications
  • Plasma technology for enhancing the surface energy of metals and plastics for adhesive & bonding preparation
  • Turnkey and custom work cells with integrated surface treatment products for easy installation and operation

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