Surface Deburring & Finishing

Reliabotics offers  innovative automated surface finishing solutions, focusing on robotic deburring, grinding, sanding, polishing, buffing, and finishing.  Reliabotics utilize advanced technologies like nano-ceramic brush technology, active orbital kits, and compliant axes in robotic work cells to provide efficient and cost-effective deburring, polishing, and sanding turnkey solutions. Reliabotics surface finishing work cells provide increased throughput, consistency, and safety in various industries including aerospace, automotive, biomedical, firearms, and general manufacturing.

Deburring Brushes & CO2 Cleaning
Deburring Brush
Nano-Ceramic Brush
  • Robotic deburring systems are deployed by manufacturers in the defense, aerospace, precision machining, automotive, bio-medical, energy, and electronics industries
  • CNC and machine centers benefit greatly by using compliant nano-tech ceramic brushes for deburring and surface finishing applications
  • Application-specific programming improves part quality and ensures process reliability and efficiency for precision machine parts
  • Maximize productivity, enhance part quality, increase safety, reduce risk 
  • Long tool life, compatible with wet and dry machining operations, and high grinding power with maximized heat and pressure tolerance
  • Wide range of brush sizes, resiliency and grits available for metals, composites and glass surfaces

Competitive Advantages

Available in wide range of sizes, resiliency, and grits

  •  8-10 times longer life than conventional brushes
  •  60 times more grinding power than nylon brushes
  •  High pressure & temperature tolerance
  •  High precision and large volume processes
  •  Can be used wet or dry
  •  Robot & integration ready
  •  Custom brushes are also available

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