Turnkey Material Handling Automation

Reliabotics designs and builds various robotic automation work cells and production lines for material handling purposes, for both manufacturing environment as well as the warehouse and logistics market.

Reliabotics has partnered with the leading industrial robotics and mobile robotics companies to offer its clients the best-in-class technology based on safety, precision performance, ease of deployment and operation with a quick payback, typically within 12-18 months. 

Mobile CoBot & Fast Charger
Mobile Intelligent AMRs, Carriers & Forklifts
Mobile CoBot Tray Loader
Staubli PF100 Omni
Staubli - Conveyor
Staubli Mobile CoBot
  • High speed Pick-and-Place, Sortation and Palletizing/Depalletizing
  • AMR’s to Load/Unload, transport parts, bins, pallets and assemblies 
  • AMR’s to Load/Unload parts in separate bins to replenish conveyors and racks
  • Autonomous forklifts to handle heavy loads and/or replenish racks & shelves
  • Mobile transfer of large assemblies such as automotive bodies in production
  • Programmed mobile robots to transfer parts/assemblies between buildings  
  • Ruggedized mobile robots for the outdoors including construction sites, farms

Sample Turnkey Solutions

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