Robot Automation & Engineering


Today’s robots and our robotic platforms, flexible cells, and collaborative robots perform much more than simple pick-and-place, and even special machines can be designed and built to address the more complex solution where solutions cannot be found. Robot integration requires a comprehensive understanding of a customer’s process and manufacturing challenges. We address the simple as well as the more involved. Whether your system requires a stationary robotic cell, a collaborative robot that can work side-by-side with humans, or a mobile robot capable of picking up and dropping off WIP, Reliabotics has engineered solutions suitable for your needs.

Our expertise in materials processing has extended to include automation partnerships with vendors of end of arm tooling (EoAT) expertise in surface preparation, additive manufacturing, and precision laser-guided robots with programmable motion paths. Reliabotics has pioneered a laser-based seam tracking software with built-in real-time robot motion featuring error path correction.

Custom Automated Solutions

If you need a custom automated solution, we invite you to sit down with one of our manufacturing specialists to explore your needs. Not every application requires robotics process automation. While some do, many times, we can design a special machine to suit your needs. We call such systems mechatronic systems or machines. The discipline of designing custom machinery comes after many years of experience. Such systems may require novel mechanical mechanisms such as cams and gears or some combination of tools, fixtures, jigs, or nests. Reliabotics takes advantage of the latest range of fast prototyping methods and can help you explore novel ways of doing things, new designs, or existing design enhancements.

Are you finding it hard to keep your product in spec? Reliabotics offers the latest machine vision systems, gages, and metrology tools that can be built right into your machine. Special environments, such as those requiring cleanroom-rated enclosures, can be specified and incorporated into your designs. Do you have a challenging process-related issue that requires a human touch? New laser-based sensors, vision systems, and lighting have been incorporated into assembly lines, machining processes, and inspection systems, saving our customers millions of dollars on lost goods or scrap. Specialty automation is integrated with other systems, lasers for welding, surface processing, laser cleaning, laser marking. It may use direct part marking technologies or the newest in machine cleaning systems. 

Robotic Automation Specialists


But, it gets better — automation specialists are a rare breed and they hang out with other experts, which means that you can also take advantage of a distinct network of ideas and practices. For example, have you heard of machine learning? The most cutting-edge automation of the next decade will employ machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) in ways you never dreamed possible. How about Industry 4.0? As the market drivers change, you can expect to see a rise in complex datasets (often known as big data), applications of smart manufacturing floors with Industrial IoT, and automation taking over with massive increases in computing power. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? The teams that are required to implement these solutions in manufacturing helping us step forward into the world’s future probably won’t be the scientists or mathematicians who create the algorithms, but instead, are the employees like we hire today, applying this tech to make practical application to the factory floor. In other words, the automation and robotic automation specialists of today. If this bright new future sounds exciting to you, we invite you to be a part of it! Contact us today to discuss your own issues, and let’s see where technology, existing, and cutting can fit into your future — a future full of promise.

In the same way, you don’t need a doctor; you need a specialist. Automation specialists exist also. Not everyone who programs robots is a specialist.

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