CO2 Blasting

Reliabotics Surface Technologies Group has expertise in all forms of CO2 robot-based blasting automation. This includes our patented micro-particle CO2 sprays all the way to dry ice blasting. So, what's the difference between the two? Mainly, it's about the size of the particle (crystal) or pellet. Our CO2 composite spray systems CM-1 and CM-2 particles range from just a few microns up to several hundred microns. These micro-sized particles or dry ice crystals are light, fluffy, and soft, and because of their mass, they are better suited to cleaning more delicate surfaces. When you need a more aggressive blasting solution, the answer is frozen dry ice.


Dry ice can be purchased in block or pellet form. In some systems, frozen dry ice can be shaved into particles, although dry ice pellet blasting is the most popular out of these. Dry ice blasting is much different from CO2 composite spray in that the compressed pellet is about 6mm in diameter. There are also smaller (rice-sized) particles 3mm in diameter for softer work, but these are less used.


Many times, these processes are being done by hand, but since the work can be dull, dirty, or injurious to a worker, they are a prime application for robot automation. Reliabotics understands all of these applications and the dynamics of cleaning and blasting and can recommend, build, and integrate a robotic dry ice blasting solution for better efficiency and cost over manual blasting.

When we design a cell for you, we consider everything. The enclosure type for safety and noise abatement, the type of blast nozzle, the robot, and the space required, and any material handling needs, conveyor, belt, chain, carousels, or turntables. Last but not least, specifying the proper extraction systems for waste removal or air cleaning. Our engineering team will work with you from the beginning of the project to the end to meet your specifications and ensure that your needs are met with the highest payback possible.

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If you are investigating CO2 or dry ice blasting, we invite you to take advantage of our expertise in materials, chemistry, and surface science.  We can help you find the right process for all of your blasting needs.  For more information, contact us today!

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