Deburring Systems

Robotic Deburring Systems

We utilize advanced technology such as ceramic brushes, active orbital kits, and compliant axes in our robotic deburring cells and deburring robots. Application-specific programming improves part quality and ensures process reliability and efficiency for precision machine parts.

Reliabotics production deburring machines provide customers with increased throughput, consistency, and safety. Customers looking to maximize productivity and ROI should consider our automated production deburring machines; the systems also enhance part quality, safety and reduce risk. Speak with a Reliabotics system specialist today to learn more about our robotic deburring systems as well as our robotic sanding grinding and buffing solutions.

Robotic Sanding Solutions

In our systems, that same sander may be attached to a high-speed response feedback actuator that is capable of measuring and adjusting pressure and force. This caliber of sensitivity allows the robot to glide the sander over the surface with precision and accuracy unmatched by humans. Such surface sensitivity and quick response times are not available in standard robots; their torque force sensors are still not fast enough to react to changes the same way humans can. The programs that our robots can run can be controlled to within just a few Newtons of force. While it’s true that not every operation requires this kind of control, many do.

Robotic Grinding Solutions

Once programmed, the robot is capable of duplicating these motions at will. Because the program resides in the robot’s memory, one can activate, edit, embed, recall it, or even use it to create repetitive subroutines. In automation, machine vision cameras and other sensors such as lasers take the place of the operator’s eyes. Robot technology continues to evolve, as have the sensors and software they use. Today, we can use edge sensing, surface measurement, and other sensors to help determine robotic processes with feedback. So what type of robot grinding solution is available for your processes, and what is right for you? Call the experts at Reliabotics to discuss your grinding needs!

Automated Production Deburring Machines

Although using Nylon bristle brushes for light deburring goes back centuries, the newer deburring brush technology is made up of plastic brush bristles that have an embedded abrasive. These style brushes are designed to be used with rotary tools such as angle grinders. Newer designs, including those which go in the tool changers of CNC machines, have revolutionized machine deburring and granted a level of control that was previously impossible with other techniques. The drawback to these brushes is that they are extruded from nylon and other forms of thermal-melt polymers. When used without coolants, excessive speeds and feeds can cause the brushes to melt or otherwise lose their shape.

New advances in material science are now producing ceramic fiber brushes that forgo thermal polymers in favor of new ceramic-based fibers bonded during a thermal set process. In these special brushes, a single strand of abrasive fiber made from ceramic is supported by a high-temperature matrix. The brushes can be formulated with tiny abrasive particles of varying hardness, and brush stiffness can be designed to sweep away the burr or even modify the surface finish.

Robotic Buffing Solutions

Polishing materials requires an understanding of materials, processes, and measurement techniques, such as surface finishing. These tasks sometimes require hundreds of hours of labor. Repetitive motion injuries are quite common, and fewer and fewer technicians are available for this kind of work. The repetition in the job of polishing or buffing parts is perfect for robots — and that’s where you can find an impressive ROI with RSTG-designed and engineered robotic buffing cells or robotic polishing cells.

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Our team is proud to provide innovative robotic solutions for deburring, sanding, grinding, finishing, buffing, and more. For more information about our deburring robots, robotic deburring cells, or any of our other offerings, including robot-ready CO2 cleaning solutions and precision parts cleaning systems, reach out to us today!

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