Plasma Treatment

Do you have an impossible bond that requires more than just cleaning? We offer plasma and corona robot surface treatment systems. Plasma treatment is an industry-proven technology used to raise surface energy mainly prior to bonding. Our surface treatment solutions with plasma offer improved and more reliable results in your coating, bonding, wetting, printing, painting, and cleaning processes. Robot surface treatment systems can be used on a highly diverse range of materials, including plastic, metals, glass, paper, cardboard, textiles, composites, electronic devices, and even rubber. We offer both atmospheric plasma and vacuum plasma systems.

Like our CO2 cleaning products, our plasma system is also very simple to use and ready for robots. Both CO2 cleaning and plasma treatment complement each other. Most applications in the automotive, aerospace, medical, electronics, and glass industry require surface cleaning before using primer or plasma on the surface to raise surface energy which makes it a costly, complex, multi-stage process. But with our advanced robot surface treatment systems and automated surface treatment solutions, you can clean the surface right before raising surface energy using plasma on the same robot within fractions of seconds. This gives you more control over your process, lowers your cost, increases reliability, and allows you to improve cycle rate altogether!

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