Robotic Modules

Reliabotics forte is custom robotic solutions for surface preparation in many industries.  This experience has helped us gain some reusable designs and software that have been translated to our pre-engineered robotic systems.   Along that vein, Reliabotics has developed many process specific add on modules that can be configured to your unique surface preparation needs.

Advantages of these pre-engineered systems include:

  • Much lower cost than custom engineered systems
  • Faster delivery than conventional one-off systems
  • Shipped pre-assembled allowing fast integration on your floor
  • Easily configured for your application
  • Tried-and-True design dependability


Applications include: Single fixture robotic cells, Shuttle fixture robotic cells, and Conveyor in/out robotic cells with deburring, CO2 cleaning, and/or plasma treating lines.  Also ask us about our Mold cleaning lines.

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